Calls Needed For Veto Override

As we have previously reported, the House voted overwhelmingly to override the Governor’s veto of the HB2461.  The Oklahoma Constitution says that the chamber of origin has a week to begin the override process.  Article 6, Section 11 of the Oklahoma Constitution also says after the chamber of origin votes “it shall be sent, together […]

Veto Override Update

As you know, the House took up the override of Governor Fallin’s veto on HB2461 and did so overwhelmingly.  Now, there are several options as to where we go from here. Option 1: The Senate takes up the override vote.  It appears the Senate is somewhat reluctant to join in the effort to override the […]

Definition of Stupid

What is the definition of stupid?  When a governor of a conservative state vetoes two Second Amendment bills on an election year while facing a conservative democrat.  That’s the definition of stupid and that’s exactly what Mary Fallin did Tuesday.  To some my use of the word stupid might seem harsh or disrespectful.  How else […]