Legislative Alert: Calls Needed HJR1026

Three bills passed the Senate on Tuesday. April 22.  HB3367 (brings knives under state preemption law), HB2461 (requires local law enforcement to process NFA applications), and HB2539 (broadens and modernizes language on when a person can use deadly force and who a person can use force to protect) all passed the Senate and are going […]

HJR1026 Among Twelve Bills Going To Senate

We’ve reached the mid-session point when all remaining bills have been sent to the opposite chamber.  The House passed and sent twelve bills to the Senate.  The Senate may prove to be the more difficult chamber for these bills.  The Senate only passed one bill out of committee and it never was brought for a […]

Bills Continue to Move Through House

Gun bills continue to move through the House this session.  So far, five House Bills have passed floor votes and been sent to the Senate.  We have several more that must move this week.  We will let you know if we need calls and emails to help any of them through the process. To date, […]

Legislative Update

The first round of committee meetings is in the books.  A total of 19 House bills advanced out of committee.  These bills include OK2A agenda bills such as HB2324 (The Gun Free School Zones nullification bill), Sally Kern’s Common Sense Zero Tolerance bill (aka, the pastry bill), and the K-12 parking lot bill.  Also a […]

Tulsa City Attorney Agrees to Take Down “No Gun” Signs

In phone conversations yesterday with Don Spencer, our Director of Policy, and Grant Chapman, our Deputy Director of Policy, Tulsa City Attorney Dave O’Meilia, agreed that the “no gun” signs in the Tulsa city parks are in violation of state law.  Title 21, Section 1277 states: “The prohibited place does not include and specifically excludes […]