HJR1026 Among Twelve Bills Going To Senate

We’ve reached the mid-session point when all remaining bills have been sent to the opposite chamber.  The House passed and sent twelve bills to the Senate.  The Senate may prove to be the more difficult chamber for these bills.  The Senate only passed one bill out of committee and it never was brought for a […]

K-12 Parking Lot Bill Passes House

Sally Kern’s K-12 parking lot bill, HB2329, passed the House today 76-17.  This bill will allow handgun permit holders to leave their weapon in their locked vehicle while parked in the parking lot of K-12 schools in Oklahoma.  Currently, the only time it is legal for a permit holder to have their weapon on school […]

Legislative Update

The first round of committee meetings is in the books.  A total of 19 House bills advanced out of committee.  These bills include OK2A agenda bills such as HB2324 (The Gun Free School Zones nullification bill), Sally Kern’s Common Sense Zero Tolerance bill (aka, the pastry bill), and the K-12 parking lot bill.  Also a […]

Legislative Update: A Busy Week Ahead.

Several bun bills are scheduled for committee hearings this week.  In addition to the bills listed below that are scheduled for committee hearings this week, HJR1026 may be heard on the House floor this week.  We will pass along more information on HJR1026 as it becomes available. Email blocks that can easily be copied and […]

Action Alert: Calls Needed For HB2351

HB2351, Rep. Kern’s Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act (aka the Pastry Bill), which would bring some, well, common sense to the zero tolerance attitude of the education establishment pertaining to T-shirts and other objects that look like or mimic firearms.  We’ve all heard the stories about students being forced to turn T-shirts inside out (or […]