Government For And By The Few, Part 2 (Broken Oaths)

As I mentioned at the close of “Government For And By The Few, Part 1” we still had a chance to get HJR1026 out of the conference committee during the last week of the session.  Five Republican legislators stood in the way.  We told you we would name names, so here they are.  Senator Don […]

Government For And By The Few, Part 1 (Special Interests)

Over the next few days we will breakdown the 2014 State Legislative Session and let you know what happened, both good and bad.  There were a few successes this year.  We got the K-12 School Parking lot bill passed, which has been a long time coming.  We saw Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary’s veto of the […]

Calls Needed For Veto Override

As we have previously reported, the House voted overwhelmingly to override the Governor’s veto of the HB2461.  The Oklahoma Constitution says that the chamber of origin has a week to begin the override process.  Article 6, Section 11 of the Oklahoma Constitution also says after the chamber of origin votes “it shall be sent, together […]

Veto Override Update

As you know, the House took up the override of Governor Fallin’s veto on HB2461 and did so overwhelmingly.  Now, there are several options as to where we go from here. Option 1: The Senate takes up the override vote.  It appears the Senate is somewhat reluctant to join in the effort to override the […]

Definition of Stupid

What is the definition of stupid?  When a governor of a conservative state vetoes two Second Amendment bills on an election year while facing a conservative democrat.  That’s the definition of stupid and that’s exactly what Mary Fallin did Tuesday.  To some my use of the word stupid might seem harsh or disrespectful.  How else […]

Gubinatorial & US Senate Candidates to Speak at OKC Meeting May 20

Rep. Joe Dorman, candidate for Governor, is scheduled to speak at the May Oklahoma City meeting.  The meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 20 at 6:30 pm at H&H Shooting Sports Complex.  US Senate candidate, Randy Brogdon, is also tentatively scheduled to speak at the OKC meeting.  Save the date and plan to attend […]

HJR1026 & HB2617 Pass Senate, Go To Conference

Both HJR1026 and HB2617 passed the Senate floor this week and will be sent to Conference Committees to work out differences between the House and Senate.  We expect HB2617 to work through that process easily; however, HJR1026 may be face a bumpier road.  Since Higher Ed has begun fighting it, others have piled on.  Misinformation […]

Legislative Alert: Calls Needed HJR1026

Three bills passed the Senate on Tuesday. April 22.  HB3367 (brings knives under state preemption law), HB2461 (requires local law enforcement to process NFA applications), and HB2539 (broadens and modernizes language on when a person can use deadly force and who a person can use force to protect) all passed the Senate and are going […]

OK2A Day at the Capitol

OK2A will host the last “Capitol Day” of the year on Monday, April 14.  We are asking anyone who can take the morning off to come meet us on the 4th Floor Rotunda of the State Capitol at 10:30 am to help us lobby for pro-gun bills still moving through the legislative process.  We need […]

HB2617 To Be Heard; HJR1026 Passes Rules Committee

It appears that Senators Bingman and Schulz truly stepped up for gun owners by persuading Senator Barrington to hear several gun bills on Thursday, among them is HB2617, which we have been asking for over the last week.  This bill will remove almost all unsecured state and local government buildings from the list of prohibited […]