Government For And By The Few, Part 2 (Broken Oaths)

As I mentioned at the close of “Government For And By The Few, Part 1” we still had a chance to get HJR1026 out of the conference committee during the last week of the session.  Five Republican legislators stood in the way.  We told you we would name names, so here they are.  Senator Don […]

Government For And By The Few, Part 1 (Special Interests)

Over the next few days we will breakdown the 2014 State Legislative Session and let you know what happened, both good and bad.  There were a few successes this year.  We got the K-12 School Parking lot bill passed, which has been a long time coming.  We saw Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary’s veto of the […]

Veto Override Update

As you know, the House took up the override of Governor Fallin’s veto on HB2461 and did so overwhelmingly.  Now, there are several options as to where we go from here. Option 1: The Senate takes up the override vote.  It appears the Senate is somewhat reluctant to join in the effort to override the […]

Definition of Stupid

What is the definition of stupid?  When a governor of a conservative state vetoes two Second Amendment bills on an election year while facing a conservative democrat.  That’s the definition of stupid and that’s exactly what Mary Fallin did Tuesday.  To some my use of the word stupid might seem harsh or disrespectful.  How else […]

HB2617 In Trouble: Calls Needed

This morning it became clear that Senator Barrington, who is term limited and no longer has to face an election, is showing his true colors this year.  He has, with some arm twisting, allowed some good bills through his committee in the past (he is quick to remind people that we applauded him for doing […]

From the President: Is A Con Con A Good Idea?

OK2A has taken no official position on HJR1083, which calls for an Article V Convention for the purposes of adopting a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution.  However, I want to pass on information about a rally Tuesday evening, March 11 at 6:00 pm at the State Capitol in the Governor’s Hall (2nd […]

A Vote For Taylor Is A Vote For Bloomberg

Tulsa mayoral candidate Kathy Taylor has a clear record on guns.  She doesn’t like them.  Of course, she says she’s for the Second Amendment.  She says she has a lifetime hunting license.  She says she’s a member of the NRA.  Well, last time I checked, there was no litmus test to obtain a lifetime hunting […]

Oklahomans Harassed by Missouri Police

If you have any presence on Facebook at all, I am sure by now you have seen the story about eight Oklahomans who were harassed by a police officer in Marshfield, MO last week.  What was their “crime?”  They were carrying unconcealed handguns.  For those of you who have only seen the video but haven’t […]

Guthrie Open Carry Wrap-Up

Over the last few years since OK2A was founded, we’ve had several circumstances in which local governments were in clear violation of state preemption laws concerning firearms and the right of the people to bear arms brought to our attention.  We are currently dealing with two such situations: one in Tulsa and the second in […]

Shelton, Holder, and Obama Want You To Be A Victim

Over the last few days, many have sent emails to OK2A asking if we knew about Representative Shelton’s “interim study” on Oklahoma’s Stand Your Ground law.  We knew, but because of preparations for the conference and dinner held last weekend, we hadn’t had much of a chance to talk about it.  It’s a new week […]