Veto Override Update

As you know, the House took up the override of Governor Fallin’s veto on HB2461 and did so overwhelmingly.  Now, there are several options as to where we go from here.

Option 1: The Senate takes up the override vote.  It appears the Senate is somewhat reluctant to join in the effort to override the veto.

Option 2: The Speaker creates a new set of bills for the vetoed bills and run them through the process quickly.  If the Senate fails to override the veto, the Speaker of the House can create a set of new bills that all three of the vetoed 2A bills could be put into and send them to the Senate for a vote, then on to the Governor.  This is what is more likely to happen.  The Senate President Pro Tem, Sen. Bingman, has indicated to me that if the bills are sent back to the Senate, they will be voted on and sent on to the Governor, who has indicated that she would sign them into law this time.

We are told that the Governor has come to regret her decision to include the 2A bills in those that she vetoed.  We have been assured that she now wants to sign these three bills into law.  The main issue that we have to worry about now is time, with less than a month remaining in the session.  Stay tuned and we will keep you updated.


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