Definition of Stupid

What is the definition of stupid?  When a governor of a conservative state vetoes two Second Amendment bills on an election year while facing a conservative democrat.  That’s the definition of stupid and that’s exactly what Mary Fallin did Tuesday.  To some my use of the word stupid might seem harsh or disrespectful.  How else would you describe the Governor’s actions today?  Misguided?  Misinformed?  Not well thought out?  With all due respect, I think I’ll stick with stupid.

Our Vice President and I both spoke with the Governor’s staff on Tuesday and both conversations lead me to question the Governor’s judgment and that of her staff.  I spoke with them about the knife preemption bill, that would bring knives under the state preemption law for firearms (the idea being that no town could have stricter knife or gun laws than the state so a person isn’t in jeopardy of unknowingly breaking a law as they travel between towns).  The argument presented was that they didn’t want to muddy the waters on firearms law by including knives – that firearms law is a Second Amendment issue but knife laws aren’t.  First, several attorneys were involved in the process of crafting this bill and none of them seemed to have a problem including knives under firearms preemption laws.  Second, do we need to have a lesson on the meaning of the word arms?  If all a person has to protect themselves with is a club, then government shouldn’t infringe on that person’s ability to keep or carry that club.

Our Vice President’s conversation with the Governor’s staff centered around the NFA shall issue bill.  This bill would require chief law enforcement officers (Sheriffs) to perform background checks on NFA applications for full-autos, silencers, etc.  This is in response to the President’s illegal rewriting of federal law concerning procedures for acquiring these items.  Their reason for vetoing this bill?  The state cannot regulate a federal agency.  Huh?  Tell me how this bill regulates a federal agency.  It regulates Chief LEO’s in Oklahoma.  The reality is by vetoing this bill, Governor Fallin has given the President exactly what he wants.  Veto override efforts for these bills and the others the Governor vetoed on Tuesday will likely begin shortly.

The reasoning, or lack thereof, for the vetoes of these bills leads me to wonder if the Governor and her staff didn’t just use a good old fashioned game of eenie meenie miney mo to pick which bills she would veto.  These are ridiculous reasons and they are nothing but a smokescreen.  The real reason, and they aren’t even ashamed to admit this, is because the Governor isn’t happy with the House leadership’s priorities.  They won’t allow her to take the state further into debt to fund her pet projects.  In other words, they won’t give her what she want so she’s taking her ball and going home.  What is this, a middle school playground?  Tantrums are unbecoming for a person in Mary Fallin’s position!

So, let’s recap.  Our Governor is proud of her efforts to play politics with one of the most basic and fundamental rights of mankind, the right to defend oneself.  Our Governor, who claims to be pro-gun is more than willing to compromise the rights and freedoms of gun owners to make a political point.  Wonderful.  Perhaps instead of posting snarky comments on Facebook about and to legislators, the Governor’s staff should actually give her some good advice.  Perhaps they should remind her that she does have a viable, conservative Democrat with a solid pro-gun record to contend with in the campaign.  Perhaps they should remind her that this is a conservative, reddest of red, gun-loving state.  Or, perhaps the Governor should just fire them for giving her terrible advice and then apologize to the people of Oklahoma for playing politics with their right to keep and bear arms.  If she doesn’t, the people just might fire her in November.



  1. Jeffrey P. Kitchin says:

    I agree with your thoughts on this… I myself could not believe that she done such a childish move and should apologize! Regardless whom in her camp misinformed her.
    She had my support till this, and it will take a lot to bring me back giving her a vote. And in fact I will make sure this is passed on.

  2. David Atlee says:

    Gov. Fallon is Socialistic in her politics and philosophies.

  3. Hank Heck says:

    Gov. Fallon has done questionable things right from the beginning….from wanting to take Fed money (until there was a public outcry), to Common Core, to rubbing shoulders with anti-gun Chris Christie…and the list goes on.
    I suppose her advisors are partly to blame…but come on !!!

  4. Blackjack says:

    Couldn’t agree more with these comments! I am not a one issue voter, however this is the third strike IMHO, State IT consolidation that hasn’t save the taxpayers on red cent, Core curricullim in our schools to dumb down our children, and now playing political games with taxpayer rights! I will not vote for Mary Fallon again!!

  5. Taxing the free energy of the sun a couple of weeks ago. Not caring about our rights. Pure politician! Shouldn’t have been there in the first place. She’s got to go. We do need another politician that does not care about our rights. Taxation without representation comes to mind. Does it not???


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