HJR1026 & HB2617 Pass Senate, Go To Conference

Both HJR1026 and HB2617 passed the Senate floor this week and will be sent to Conference Committees to work out differences between the House and Senate.  We expect HB2617 to work through that process easily; however, HJR1026 may be face a bumpier road.  Since Higher Ed has begun fighting it, others have piled on.  Misinformation about the outcome of its passage have begun to circulate and we are working to address these issues and we are quite confident that we will be able to quell these false claims and finally force Higher Ed to accept what the people want.  We believe we have the votes necessary to continue to move HJR1026 along.  So, we can stop the phone calls to Senators for now.  Next week we will let you know when to call and who to call to continue to help move this bill, the most important gun bill in Oklahoma history, through this remaining phase.

Thank you for the calls made and the emails sent.  The grassroots support for these two bills are the reason they are still moving.  Again, next week we will update you on the situation and on what we need to do to successfully finish this job.

In the meantime, we are beginning to accept donations to go toward the upcoming ballot campaign.  We will establish the PAC that will run the ballot campaign next week.  Please consider making a donation today to support the ballot effort to adopt HJR1026.  Click here to donate.


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