HB2617 In Trouble: Calls Needed

This morning it became clear that Senator Barrington, who is term limited and no longer has to face an election, is showing his true colors this year.  He has, with some arm twisting, allowed some good bills through his committee in the past (he is quick to remind people that we applauded him for doing so a few years ago).  That was then; this is now.  The Senator is showing clearly that he is no friend of liberty-conscious gun owners.  So, we need to try to get some of these bills moved to different committees.  Some of that has already been worked out.  However, Senator Schulz has become the problem concerning HB2617.

In my opinion, this problem involves all the senior leadership in the Senate.  Senator Bingman, the President Pro-Tempore, appoints the committee chairman and the Floor Leader.  He continues to appoint Senator Barrington to chair the Public Safety Committee and Senator Schulz as the Floor Leader.  Senator Schulz, knowing that Senator Barrington is likely to kill them, keeps sending good 2A bills to Public Safety Committee.  All three of them are responsible and all three of them need to hear about it from you.

In the process of trying to move HB2617 out of Senator Barrington’s committee, Senator Schulz said he would not move it unless he had proof that the NRA is backing it.  Now, I am not trying to speak ill of the NRA, but why is it that the Majority Floor Leader of the OKLAHOMA Senate is more concerned about what people living 1,000 miles away in VIRGINIA think than what the people of his own state and district think?  This is an important question that Senator Schulz needs to be asked.

HB2617 would remove unsecured buildings from the list of prohibited places in the Self Defense Act, Oklahoma’s handgun license law.  This is a common sense measure that will allow law-abiding citizens with a handgun license, who statistically are actually less likely to commit a crime than even a police officer, to carry in state and local government buildings without security staff or magnetometers.  There is no good reason to kill this bill.

Please take a moment to contact both Senator Bingman and Senator Schulz.

When you contact Senator Bingman, be prepared for him or his staff to tell you that this is Senator Schulz’ responsibility.  Don’t let him get away with that.  Remind him that he appointed Senator Schulz and that Senator Schulz will take to heart any request that Senator Bingman makes.  Tell him this bill is important and that he needs to request that Senator Schulz move HB2617 to the Judiciary Committee immediately.  Senator Bingman’s contact information is (405) 521-5528 or bingman@oksenate.gov.

When you contact Senator Schulz, tell him you want him to move HB2617 to the Judiciary Committee immediately.  Also ask him (or his staff) why he is more concerned about what people from Virginia think about a bill than he is about what you think of it.  Senator Schulz’ contact information is (405)521-5612 or schulz@oksenate.gov.

When calling or emailing any legislator, if you are not able to talk to the legislator directly, it is always acceptable for you to request a return phone call or email.



  1. I got a long email from Barrington office. It the email it states.

    As we look to the 2014 House bills coming over to the Senate, our committee will hear 2nd Amendment oriented bills including but not limited to HB 2614 by Senator Greg Treat and HB 2461, and NRA supported bill, by Senator Nathan Dahm.

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