Gun Bills in Trouble in the Senate

Several gun bills assigned to the Senate Public Safety Committee appear to be in trouble.  Senator Barrington, chairman of the committee, would not commit earlier Tuesday to hear the bills.  Please call Senator Barrington at 405-521-5563 or email him at and ask him to hear the following bills this week.  Calls and emails need to be made first thing Wednesday morning.  The agenda for this week’s committee meeting will be released around 9:30 am.

The bills in trouble are:

  • HB2887 (Sen. Griffin) – Allows a college, university, or vo-tech to adopt a policy concerning the carrying of weapons.  If they choose not to adopt a policy, a letter of permission would be required (this is current policy).  It also provides for immunity from liability for the institution if it sets a policy or grants a letter of permission.  It does NOT force any institution to allow carry.
  • HB2329 (Sen. Boggs) – Allows handgun licensees to store their weapon in their locked vehicle while parked on a K-12 school parking lot.
  • HB2617 (Sen. Sharp) – Removes non-secured public buildings from the list of prohibited places in the Self-Defense Act.
  • HB2461 (Sen. Dahm) – Requires chief law enforcement officers (sheriffs and police chiefs) to process NFA requests and forward them within 15 days of application.  (NFA requests are applications for suppressors and full autos, etc.)




  1. just called the Senator, during office hours, went to his voice mail. I left him the address of my pistol range, 5552 gold oak, Bristow, OK 74010, so he might take me a bit more seriously

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