From the President: Is A Con Con A Good Idea?

OK2A has taken no official position on HJR1083, which calls for an Article V Convention for the purposes of adopting a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution.  However, I want to pass on information about a rally Tuesday evening, March 11 at 6:00 pm at the State Capitol in the Governor’s Hall (2nd Floor, SW corner of the building).

Again, this is not an official position of OK2A.  I am speaking for myself.  Several friends in leadership positions of some other conservative groups in Oklahoma have raised this subject, most against it.  I understand their concerns.  I also understand the opposing view, expressed by many national conservative talk show hosts, Mark Levin being the most vocal.  One side of the argument is that we could end up with a runaway convention and the other says it doesn’t matter because any amendments still require ratification by the states.

I am against it for a totally different reason.  I believe, considering the current state of our political culture, it is a colossal waste of time.  If our federal government refuses to follow our Constitution as it stands today, why should we expect them to follow any new amendment or amendments that might possibly be ratified out of this Article V Convention process.  Tying appropriations to estimated revenues simply requires they inflate their estimations of expected revenue.  The fact is, Congress (both Republicans and Democrats) shows no interest in curtailing runaway spending and our president seems to believe all he needs to do is print more dollars and borrow more money from China.  None of them (with the exception of a few individuals within the system) seem to care what the Constitution says.  I doubt many of them have even read it!

What we need is state legislators that will stand up to the federal government.  I know some of those behind HJR1083 would probably say that is what they are trying to do with this resolution.  However, I believe history tells us a different story.  Common Core and ObamaCare are two examples of our state legislature caving into federal pressures.  If we want to fix the federal government, we need to start with a state legislature and governor that will stand up to the federal government’s intrusions into the state’s business.

If you are free on Tuesday evening, join the rally at the State Capitol to stop the Con Con.  Again, the rally is at 6:00 pm on March 11 in the Governor’s Hall on the 2nd floor of the Capitol.


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