Bills Continue to Move Through House

Gun bills continue to move through the House this session.  So far, five House Bills have passed floor votes and been sent to the Senate.  We have several more that must move this week.  We will let you know if we need calls and emails to help any of them through the process.

To date, the following bills have passed the House floor:

  • HB2477 – Rep. Wood’s bill protecting citizens from being detained while carrying unconcealed weapons on their own property.
  • HB3367 – Rep. Echol’s bill extending the state weapons preemption laws to cover knives so municipalities cannot pass stricter laws than the state.
  • HB2520 – Rep. Vaughan’s bill to remove the requirement to provide a Social Security Number when completing the SDA handgun permit application.
  • HB2874 – Rep. Newell’s bill extending the expiration date of SDA permit class certificates to three years and allowing instructors to destroy class records after three years.
  • HB2539 – Rep. O’Donnell’s bill that broadens when deadly force may be used to include the ability to defend anyone who is in danger of the loss of life or in danger of great harm.

Thankfully, we haven’t had to issue many Action Alerts this year.  However, we are coming up on the deadline for bills to be heard in the chamber of origin, so please watch your inbox in case we need to make a push for some of these bills this week.


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