Legislative Update

The first round of committee meetings is in the books.  A total of 19 House bills advanced out of committee.  These bills include OK2A agenda bills such as HB2324 (The Gun Free School Zones nullification bill), Sally Kern’s Common Sense Zero Tolerance bill (aka, the pastry bill), and the K-12 parking lot bill.  Also a bill to remove non-secured state and local government buildings from the SDA list of prohibited places advanced, as did a Capitol carry bill.  The bill to extend immunity from liability for private property owners when a firearms accident occurs on their property passed committee.  Representative Turner’s shall issue bill for NFA applications also passed out of committee.  We will keep you advised as these bills wait to be heard on the floor.

Complete list of bills advancing out of committee:
HB2324 (Walker) – Gun Free School Zones Act nullification billHB2805 (Moore) – Firearms Freedom Act
HB2351 (Kern) – Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act (pastry bill)
HB2887 (Enns) – College, university, & technology centers may set weapons policy
HB2329 (Kern) – K-12 parking lot bill
HB2477 (Wood) – Restriction on police ability to restrain person for carrying weapon on their own property
HB3367 (Echols) – State preemption for knife laws
HB2617 (Martin, Steve) – Remove non-secured state and local government buildings from SDA prohibited places list
HB2672 (Derby) – Capitol carry
HB2590 (Ownby) – Allow permanent residents to apply for SDA permit
HB2958 (Cockroft) – non-violent drug misdemeanors over 20 years old not considered for SDA permit
HB2520 (Vaughan) – Remove SSN requirement for SDA permit
SB2079 (Dahm) – Update definition of pistols in SDA to include multiple projectiles
HB2888 (Enns) – Allow spouse of person with permanent military orders to apply for SDA permit
HB2889 (Enns) – Allow SDA applications to be turned in to any sheriff
HB2874 (Newell) – SDA class certificate good for 3 years / instructors may destroy class records after 3 years
HB2691 (Johnson) – Provide immunity from liability for property owner when a firearms related accident occurs on private property
HB2461 (Turner) – Requires Sheriff or Police Chief to perform NFA checks within 15 days of submission of application and forward application to federal authorities if applicant passes
HB2539 (D’Donnell) – Broadens wording on when deadly force can be used from just one’s self or immediate family members to anyone in danger of loss of life or other harm


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