Legislative Update: A Busy Week Ahead.

Several bun bills are scheduled for committee hearings this week.  In addition to the bills listed below that are scheduled for committee hearings this week, HJR1026 may be heard on the House floor this week.  We will pass along more information on HJR1026 as it becomes available.

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House Judiciary Committee (Tuesday, 3:00 PM):
SB831 – Allow corrections officers with SDA handgun permits to leave their weapon in their locked vehicle while parked at a corrections facility
HB2324 – Gun Free School Zones Act Nullification
HB2329 – Allow SDA hangun permit holders to keep weapons in locked cars on K-12 school parking lots
HB2461 – Requires Police Chiefs and Sheriffs to process NFA applications
HB2477 – Prohibits police from disarming or restraining a person solely for carrying weapons or knives on their own property
HB2520 – Removes requirement for Social Security Numbers on SDA handgun permit application
HB2672 – All for concealed carry in the State Capitol for SDA handgun permit holders
HB2673 – Allow local school boards to set weapons policy
HB2887 – Prohibits colleges, universities, and technology centers from denying requests by SDA permit holders to carry on campus.
HB2958 – Precludes misdemeanor drug convictions more than 10 years old from consideration for SDA handgun permit

House State’s Rights Committee (Tuesday, 3:00 PM):
HB2805 – (Firearms Freedom Act) Firearms that are made in Oklahoma, sold in Oklahoma, and stay in Oklahoma to be outside of federal power to regulate

House Public Safety Committee (Wednesday, 10:30 AM):
HB2590 – Allow permanent residents to apply for SDA handgun permit.

Judiciary:leslie.osborn@okhouse.gov; aaron.stiles@okhouse.gov; scott.biggs@okhouse.gov; dennis.johnson@okhouse.gov; mark.mcbride@okhouse.gov; richardmorrissette@okhouse.gov; emily.virgin@okhouse.gov; jon.echols@okhouse.gov; fred.jordan@okhouse.gov; charles.mccall@okhouse.gov; tom.newell@okhouse.gov; cory.williams@okhouse.gov; scott.inman@okhouse.gov; stevemartin@okhouse.gov; mark.mccullough@okhouse.gov; bensherrer@okhouse.gov

State’s Rights:

lewis.moore@okhouse.gov; sean.roberts@okhouse.gov; ed.cannaday@okhouse.gov; kay.floyd@okhouse.gov; kevin.matthews@okhouse.gov; mikeshelton@okhouse.gov; daledewitt@okhouse.gov; elise.hall@okhouse.gov; jason.murphey@okhouse.gov;
ken.walker@okhouse.gov; dan.fisher@okhouse.gov; tommy.hardin@okhouse.gov; dustin.roberts@okhouse.gov

Public Safety:
stevemartin@okhouse.gov; ken.walker@okhouse.gov; ed.cannaday@okhouse.gov; tommy.hardin@okhouse.gov; leslie.osborn@okhouse.gov; mike.ritze@okhouse.gov; randy.grau@okhouse.gov; fred.jordan@okhouse.gov; rcpruett@okhouse.gov; steve.vaughan@okhouse.gov


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