Action Alert: Calls Needed For HB2351

HB2351, Rep. Kern’s Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act (aka the Pastry Bill), which would bring some, well, common sense to the zero tolerance attitude of the education establishment pertaining to T-shirts and other objects that look like or mimic firearms.  We’ve all heard the stories about students being forced to turn T-shirts inside out (or change them) and who can forget the story about the “Pop Tart gun.”  This bill would let kids be kids.

However, HB2351 may be in trouble.  It is unclear whether the chairperson of the House Common Education Committee, Rep. Ann Coody (R-Lawton), will schedule the bill for a hearing in her committee.  Please call or email Rep. Coody and ask her to schedule HB2351 for a vote as soon as possible.  Rep. Coody’s email address is and her direct telephone number is (405) 557-7398.



  1. Ron Larkin says:

    Benjamin Franklin looked at a painting once while signing one of our great documents. It was a the sun peering over the horizon. His only question was if it was a setting sun or a rising one. In his day it was definately rising. In ours I’m afraid it’s setting and freedoms light has almost been totally eclipsed. (Reference, The 5000 year leap by W. Cleon Skoussen)

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