Get Your Policy Conference Tickets

Tickets are now on sale for the 2014 Second Amendment Policy Conference with Dr. John Lott, Jr.  The Conference will be held on Saturday, January 18 at Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, located at 5517 NW 23rd St.  Registration begins at 8:15 am and the Conference starts at 9:00 am.  A continental breakfast will be provided during registration.  Dr. Lott will speak during lunch (lunch only tickets are available).  Everyone attending will receive a copy of Dr. Lott’s book, “The Bias Against Guns.”

Lunch Only: $40
Conference & Lunch: $60 for members / $75 for non-members
If you are not a member, before you register for the Conference, you can join using the Coupon Code 2014conference for 40% off any annual membership.  Membership prices with the discount are:
Basic Individual Membership: $15
Basic Family Membership: $
Annual Sponsorship / Gold Star Partnership: $60
CLICK HERE to register

The History of Nullification
Repealing the Gun Free School Zones Act (Panel Discussion)
Amending the State Constitution (Panel Discussion)
Police Officer or Peace Officer
The Right to Bear Arms
Impacting the Legislative Process (Panel Discussion)

For more information, you can email us at or call us at 855-OK2A-GUN, ext. 700.


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