OK2A & SafeToCarry Join Forces

OK2A SafeToCarry

Door sticker provided to OK2A Gold Star Partners (click to learn more)

SafeToCarry and OK2A are pleased to announce the formation of an alliance between the two organizations.  This partnership brings resources from SafeToCarry to OK2A and increases awareness of the services offered by both organizations.  There are many benefits to this alliance for businesses, individuals, and the community as a whole.

Benefits to OK2A include recognition of corporate sponsors as OK2A Gold Star members in the SafeToCarry app and a free door sign indicating the business’s status as both a “SafeToCarry” location and OK2A Gold Star sponsor.  OK2A members will be able to search, submit locations as “SafeToCarry” (okay to legally carry a firearm, whether open or concealed), and submit locations that do not allow firearms, through the OK2A website.  Perhaps most importantly, OK2A members will be able to easily identify OK2A Gold Star locations and when they have a choice, spend their money with these corporate sponsors. Look for more information to be available from OK2A about corporate sponsorships in the near future.

For SafeToCarry, the alliance provides a mechanism to recognize pro-second amendment businesses via an outside organization.  This recognition will be integrated into the app via a new feature to “badge” the location with the OK2A Gold Star designation.  The alliance also provides a mechanism for app users to quickly access information about Oklahoma gun laws and Frequently Asked Questions about legal carry.  This information could be very useful to have in many situations where rapid access is key to protecting one’s rights. The end result is that SafeToCarry becomes an important tool for every citizen interested in legal carry.

About SafeToCarry

SafeToCarry was founded in 2012 by two Oklahoma entrepreneurs.  The company introduced its software and website to the world in January 2013 and has grown rapidly ever since.  The database now has over 11,000 locations and thousands of users with daily growth.  SafeToCarry has been featured on The Survival Podcast and as an early sponsor of the Practical Tactical Podcast.

Apps are available for both iOS and Android devices from the App and Google Play Stores (Direct links are available on the SafeToCarry website).  Most functionality is also available at the SafeToCarry.com website as well.

Get the app
Become an OK2A Gold Star Partner


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