A Vote For Taylor Is A Vote For Bloomberg

Tulsa mayoral candidate Kathy Taylor has a clear record on guns.  She doesn’t like them.  Of course, she says she’s for the Second Amendment.  She says she has a lifetime hunting license.  She says she’s a member of the NRA.  Well, last time I checked, there was no litmus test to obtain a lifetime hunting license or to join the NRA.  So, who cares whether she has a NRA membership card or a lifetime hunting license.  What we care about is her actions.

When it comes to what really matters – her record not her rhetoric – Kathy Taylor’s claim to believe in the Second Amendment doesn’t stack up.  Taylor has donated a large sum of money to countless anti-gun candidates and office holders, including President Obama, former Vice President Gore, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC.

In 2007, she joined Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  She said “she views the coalition as a law enforcement effort to protect her constituents, not as an attempt to diminish the legal right to own a gun” (New York Times, June 4, 2007).  Mayors Against Illegal Guns has a track record of doing just that – attempting to diminish the legal right to own a gun.  From coast to coast, Bloomberg, through his group, has sunk millions of dollars into trying to rob Americans of their God-given, Constitutionally recognized right to defend themselves against crime and tyranny.  The record is clear!  A vote for Taylor is a vote for Bloomberg, New York City style gun control laws in Tulsa.

Mayor Bartlett, however, has helped rectify an issue with city ordinances banning SDA permit holders from carrying in city parks.  Earlier this year, no gun signs dotted the city parks all over Tulsa.  When we brought this to the attention of Mayor Bartlett’s staff, they submitted a proposal to the City Council to amend their ordinance, bringing it into compliance with state law.  The council refused to act.  Eventually, the Mayor’s staff determined that this could be accomplished via executive order.  Mayor Bartlett signed the executive order and the city began covering the “no guns” portion of the signs.  Yes, the process took longer than we would have liked and we did press the Mayor about that, but the issue was eventually dealt with.

What would Taylor have done?  We can say this, Taylor signed a letter in 2009 asking Senator Reid and then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to oppose legislation allowing for national reciprocity of concealed carry permits.

So, if records are more important than rhetoric – and they are – the choice is obvious.  A vote for Taylor is a vote for Bloomberg, New York City style gun control laws in Tulsa.  OK2A recommends that Tulsans vote Bartlett for Mayor on Tuesday.


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