Purchase Magazines for Full Auto Shoot

You may now pre-purchase magazines for the Full Auto Shoot, as well as purchase tickets at the OK2A Online Store.

The 2013 Barbeque and Full Auto Shoot will take place at the Bowman Lodge near Morris, OK on Saturday, September 28 from 2 pm – 8 pm.  For details visit our event page.

To purchase tickets or magazines, visit the Event Tickets page of our online store.  The magazines appear on the page by caliber.  You can pre-purchase a magazine by caliber then choose the weapon you would like to shoot on the day of the shoot.  The following is a list of calibers, costs, and weapons that will be available at the Shoot:

$15 – .22LR 25 round magazine for a Ruger 10-22 full auto.
$5 – .50BMG single round for a Barrett .50BMG Bolt Action or AR Conversion .50BMG Single Shot
$25 – .50BMG 5 round belt for a M2 machine gun.
$30 – 9mm 30 round magazine for an M-16, Sten, Uzi, Glock, or Sweed K.$30 – 5.45X39 30 round magazine for an AK-74
$30 – 5.56 NATO 30 round magazine for a M-16 or Galil
$30 – 7.62.39 30 round magazine for an AK-47
$40 – .308 30 round belt for a M1919 machine gun.


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