Shelton, Holder, and Obama Want You To Be A Victim

Over the last few days, many have sent emails to OK2A asking if we knew about Representative Shelton’s “interim study” on Oklahoma’s Stand Your Ground law.  We knew, but because of preparations for the conference and dinner held last weekend, we hadn’t had much of a chance to talk about it.  It’s a new week and the conference is over, so let’s talk about it.

I have come to a conclusion.  Whether it is the schools handing out ridiculous punishments against children who are caught up in a fight defending themselves against some bully that the school knew about and did nothing to stop, whether it is a child being suspended for eating his Pop Tart into the shape of a gun, whether it is another child suspended for making a “gun sound,” or whether it is Attorney General Eric Holder referring to Stand Your Ground laws as a needless expansion of the right of self-defense, it all comes down to this: they want you and me to be comfortable being the victim.  If we are comfortable being the victim of a bully, an inflexible school administrator, or the thug on the street, then we will be comfortable being the victim of the federal government.

They say it is reasonable to expect you or me to retreat before defending ourselves.  But they fail to say the reason states began passing Stand Your Ground laws is that for years the standard the left set for when you could stop retreating and start defend yourself was set so high that good people who simply refused to be a victim were finding themselves in deep legal trouble.  They are the reason these laws exist.

Should a person retreat before trying to defend themselves?  No!  And it is not up to some politician sitting high up in his ivory tower to tell you or me that we must when they are not there and do not know the situation.  It is impossible for a politician to foresee every circumstance.  They will get good people killed because they tried to retreat or thrown in jail because they refused to be a victim.  But, then it was Shelton’s fellow gun-grabbers that suggested throwing urine on rapists.  And who could forget the Vice President’s great advice?  Just step outside and fire off a couple shots from your double-barreled shotgun.  They’re so smart!

Not to worry, though.  This is simply an attempt by Representative Shelton to get attention.  His “interim study” is not an official interim study.  It’s not sanctioned by the House.  And let’s not forget, this is Oklahoma.  I wonder how many votes Representative Shelton honestly thinks he would get if he tried to repeal Stand Your Ground.  He knows it’s not going anywhere.  This is nothing more than a dog and pony show.

Far more worrisome is the federal government interjecting itself again into the Zimmerman case after the man was acquitted by a jury of his peers.  Now they continue to hound this man on trumped-up civil rights charges.  Let’s not forget that the only recorded racial slur used in that event was uttered by Trayvon Martin.  So, why continue to go after Zimmerman?  He is clearly not a racist.  They continue to pursue him because he dared to refuse to be a victim; they are determined to make him accept “victimhood” one way or another.


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