OK2A To Speak At OKforTEA Thursday

OK2A will present a Legislative Wrap-Up and preview the 2014 OK2A Legislative Agenda at OKforTEA’s meeting this Thursday, July 18, at the Tulsa Promenade Mall at 6:30 pm.  The meeting room is on the upper level next to the food court.  The mall is located on the southeast corner of 41st Street and Yale in Tulsa.



  1. Just curious as to why you are have a meeting inside the mall which is an anti gun facility? Seems like you would be at a gun friendly location.

    • David, it is not our meeting. We were invited to speak at OKforTEA’s meeting. We are not going to say no to an opportunity to spread our message because the meeting is held in “enemy territory.” It gives us an opportunity to encourage those in attendance to go express their displeasure with mall management before they leave.

  2. I don’t see my earlier post so forgive me if this shows up twice. I am curious why a pro gun group is having a meeting at an anti gun business? The Promenade Mall is anti gun, they have no firearms sings up, they are not prominently displayed, but they are there. I have told the customer service desk they should place these signs on the doors so that we will know they do not want our business.

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