Action Alert: HB1622 Still In Jeopardy

On Thursday, HB1622 (our bill restoring the private property rights of private schools by recognizing their right to set their own weapons policy) was sent back to conference committee by the Senate because of a disagreement between House legal staff and Senate legal staff over a few stricken words.  The problem now is that we have four days to get this bill back through the conference committee process, which includes a conference committee vote in the House and the Senate, another appearance in the House Calendar Committee, a House floor vote, and a Senate floor vote.  We are very displeased with the Senate because it will be difficult to get this bill completely through this process – again!  We are asking again that you call the Representatives and Senators listed below.

Please call these Representatives and politely ask them to expedite this process for HB1622 as much as possible.

Representative Steve Martin – 405-557-7402 –
Representative Pam Peterson – 405-557-7341 –

Call the following Senators and ask them to expedite the process but also politely let the Senators know you will be extremely displeased with them if time runs out for this bill.

Senator Greg Treat – 405-521-5632 –
Senator Brian Bingman – 405-521-5528 –
Senator Mike Schulz – 405-521-5612 –



  1. […] Just a reminder that we need calls and emails today by 10:00 am for HB1622.  For your convenience, we have included last weekend’s post, “HB1622 Still In Jeopardy:” […]

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