Tulsa City Attorney Agrees to Take Down “No Gun” Signs

In phone conversations yesterday with Don Spencer, our Director of Policy, and Grant Chapman, our Deputy Director of Policy, Tulsa City Attorney Dave O’Meilia, agreed that the “no gun” signs in the Tulsa city parks are in violation of state law.  Title 21, Section 1277 states: “The prohibited place does not include and specifically excludes the following property…Any property designated by a city, town, county, or state, governmental authority as a park, recreational area, or fairgrounds…”  Currently, Mr. O’Meilia is working to cover the signs with the intent to eventually have them removed.

We encourage gun owners to contact their city councilmen and the mayor on this issue and urge them to bring their ordinances into compliance with state law so that this issue doesn’t resurface at some point in the future.



  1. Good news! I’m glad the City of Tusa is finally complying with the law. Thanks for letting us know. Gun owners should definitely pressure their local governments when these issues arise, it works. I work in Ardmore and the city posted “No Guns” signs at the city parks in anticipation of “open carry” becoming law November 1. After a few calls to the Parks Department and the City Manager, the City of Ardmore researched the law and quickly complied by taking down the signs. They were very reasonable about it once they understood the law.

  2. Albert Nichols says:

    As of Sunday, June 9, the anti gun signs are still up both at the main entrance to Hicks Park and on the lawn at McClure Park.

  3. It’s been a long time coming, but this week I noticed changes to the Park Rules signs at two of the parks I frequent, Hunter Park and Highland Park. The circle-bar-gun icon and the English and Spanish “Weapons not allowed” phrases have been covered with white tape. Well done!

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